Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Idaho remains one of two states in the United States that won’t allow hemp production. This stunning decision by the Idaho Legislature is just another testimony to the ignorance and fear coming from Boise and their penchant to keep their heads in the sand and to legislate from that position.


Some opponents to the bill to legalize hemp production stated that legalization would be the first step to recreational marijuana. “The culture of hemp is the culture of marijuana,” stated Monte Stiles, a former prosecutor. This is absolute ignorance! Forty-eight states allow their farmers to grow hemp, which is used for paper production, construction materials, clothing, medicine, plastic, rope, and a plethora of other products. Of those forty-eight states, only eleven have legalized recreational marijuana. Stiles went on to say that the bill to legalize hemp production in Idaho was a celebration of drug use. First off, hemp only contains .3% THC, which is the compound in marijuana that makes you high. That amount of THC would allow a person to consume an entire field of hemp and not feel any high from it. Mr. Stiles is ignorant of the facts.


If ignorance is bliss, then the Idaho Legislature must be a blissful place. They must all be giddy with bliss; beside themselves with happiness. How can so many educated adults be so afraid of research? Even the most cursory search will reveal the facts about hemp. It will not make you high; Marijuana cannot be grown in a hemp field; It is easy to discern hemp from marijuana in a field test; it has many beneficial aspects. The legislators have made a conscious decision to spit on Idaho farmers. If I were a farmer, I would campaign against everyone of the legislators who voted against this bill to legalize hemp production. They have shown a total disregard for the facts and have chosen to put Idaho farmers in a marked disadvantage. The legislators should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring facts and voting through fear and ignorance.