One of the great joys of owning and operating a CBD store is hearing from the many customers who have noticed a marked improvement in their lives after using our products. Here are a few accounts from the people we’ve had the pleasure of helping.

CBD pet products:
I wanted to try CBD products for two reasons. 1. I have a 15-year-old Border Collie with painful arthritis. 2. I suffer from chronic insomnia. I had read that CBD products helped both conditions. I bought the CBD dog treats and could see a difference within 3 days. Now my dog’s quality of life has greatly improved. I used the CBD oil for my insomnia. After a week I was falling asleep easier and sleeping longer. I also want to compliment the staff. They are knowledgeable about their inventory and able to make suggestions for your needs as well as provide documentation and information on their products.

CBD Oil pain rub with Emu Oil: 
“One of the greatest things I ever did for my body was introduce it to CBD. I work in a school and spend a lot of time standing and sitting throughout the day. Some Days I spend most of my day doing paperwork or grading at a computer. Over the years this had caused my shoulders to tighten and my neck to radiate in pain. My pain is not chronic, but it is common when working on the computer. I purchased the CBD pain rub with Emu Oil. Because it is just a lotion it is easy to apply to the area that is sore. Almost immediately I feel the effects of the oil on my muscles. They release their tension and help my body relax. It isn’t sticky and absorbs very quickly. The effects last anywhere from a few hours to longer, depending on how sore I am. This pain rub is great if you have localized pain that isn’t chronic or widespread in your body”

CBD Oil 500mg Tincture: 
“We recently started using the 500 tincture with our son. He was having a very hard time sleeping throughout the night. He would have nightmares or sleep anxiety. Every night putting him down for bed would take an hour or two for his body to finally calm enough to fall asleep. We had given him a different brand of CBD oil and it never really had any change for him. Sleep was still difficult. When we switched to the Naysa brand carried by Eden Organics we saw a change immediately. Within a few days bed time was taking, at the longest, thirty minutes. It is easier for him to relax and fall asleep. He even stays asleep longer. For the first few days his daycare had a hard time waking him up from nap time. We adjusted his dose a little and now he is able to take a nap and falls asleep at his regular bedtime at night. He has less anxiety and is able to try new things in his everyday life, like introduce himself to people or say hello to a friend. We are so happy we tried the Naysa brand at Eden Organics.”

CBD Oil 500mg Tincture:
“Before I started using CBD oil, I had sciatic pain radiating down the back of both my legs. My knees often had pain that lasted for days and even weeks at a time. In addition to the pain in my legs and knees, I also had a stiffening of my hands and fingers that resulted in my having to stop many of my activities because of the pain and stiffness. After one week of taking CBD tincture, the pain in my legs stopped. My knees felt fine and the pain I had experienced was totally gone.
Two weeks later, the stiffness and pain in my hands and fingers was gone. Now I can do those things, like tie shoelaces, that I had not been able to do for a long time. I love the CBD oil I get from Eden Organics. I know exactly what is in it and how much CBD it contains. I also know that there are no harmful ingredients.”