The big three for CBD are the most researched and, by far, the reason behind most of the requests for CBD.

The big three are:

Pain and Inflammation



We have addressed each of these in previous posts, but I wanted to reexamine them once again.

Over the past few months, we have seen a lot of people in our store and most all of them have been looking for CBD to solve one of the big three.

In many of our other posts, we have examined other uses of CBD, including treatments for Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, and many other ailments.

These are all promising uses for CBD.

Yet, the vast majority of people are in the store looking for relief from the big three.

It is probably no big coincidence that the most research is currently on the big three.

And all that research is supporting what most of our customers had already known, that CBD helps them with their ailments and conditions, especially the big three.


The biggest issue facing the CBD industry today and our store is how to get the facts out to the general public. We have an especially difficult challenge here in Eastern Idaho due to the conservative nature of the population. Many still think that CBD is illegal, or at the least, immoral.

I have encountered people who wouldn’t even take a pamphlet explaining the benefits of CBD because they viewed it as evil.

And yet, there are hundreds of people using CBD for their ailments and they are finding relief.

It is too bad that the word doesn’t get out to all those who could have relief from their pain or anxiety, or that could sleep better. I suppose that in time, they will hear about how CBD has helped their neighbor or family member and they will then try CBD themselves.

Until then, we will do everything we can to spread the word about the benefits of CBD.

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