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How CBD is taking over the Medical field. Well, it may not really be taking over the Medical field, but it is having an impact in several areas. This is taken from an article from the Chicago Tribune.

Many studies indicate that CBD could be used as a general preventative medicine by protecting the body against the damage of stress and aging. An added bonus with CBD is that it is not addictive and has little or no side-effects. This sets it apart from many traditional prescription medications.


Reduced risk of Diabetes and Obesity. Several different studies into how regular cannabis users have a lower risk of being obese and having diabetes. A report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2011 concluded, based on a survey of more than fifty-two thousand participants, concluded that rates of obesity are about one-third lower among cannabis users.

Better Cholesterol Profiles and A Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. 4,500 people were studied in a 2013 study that measured data on the effect of cannabis on metabolic systems. The study compared current and former users to non-users. The study found that current users had higher levels of good cholesterol and slightly lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Reduced Risk of Cancer. Animals treated with CBD were significantly less likely to develop colon cancer in a 2012 study. As we have mentioned before in this blog, CBD has been shown to be a useful treatment for the side-effects associated with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments such as pain relief, headaches, and nausea. In addition, a study in Israel has shown that CBD can be used to target chemotherapy directly to the cancer cells, leaving most of the rest of the body alone, thus decreasing the negative side-effects of the chemotherapy.


As we always say here, there is much more research to do and studies to be made. Yet, there is much to be positive about and as we see more and more research showing the many positive benefits of CBD, we will see the main stream medical community begin to embrace CBD and offer it to their patients.

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